Knickerboxer – golf fashion for the golf course: reference and noble

Knickerbocker or Knickerboxer – this is a special pant cut. In the sport of golf these comfortable pants were very worn by the 20s to the 50s. The three-quarter-length pants ending below the knee, where they were buttoned or tied together. To this day, you can occasionally watch golfers with authentic clothing on the green. At first it was only the men from higher social classes, and later the ladies who developed a passion for the game of golf. Traditionally included the Knickerbocker to the classic golf clothing. These knee socks, shirts or blouses, sweaters or jackets and flat caps were worn.

Sectional shape and design

Even in today’s Knickerbocker be faithfully made ​​for golf. Some of the noble bloomers are also made ​​to measure. For this original cuts are used from the time to make them look real. Between 1920 and 1950 Knickerbocker had a narrow, half-length-sectional shape, with elastic at the leg. Usually they were with pleats, belt loops, two front stitched pockets and a back pocket for the scorecard. To date, true to the original Knickerbocker they have this amenity.

Materials, colors and pattern

Original Knickerbocker are made from a fine cotton or wool and have a lining, usually made of acetate / viscose. The colors and patterns may vary greatly, so there is true to the original Knickerbocker in solid color fabrics, herringbone, Pepita or squared striking. Popular colors are black, charcoal, brown, light green to dark green and covered with the ladies reds.

Knickerbocker Made to Measure

Who wants to be a Knickerbocker finished to size, must specify some body measurements when ordering. There will be asked for the clothing size, also specifying whether you want the pants for a lady or a gentleman is crucial. The height and the waistband are other important criteria to achieve the desired fit. The easiest way to a perfect matching pants is used for the measurement of the waist. The top button must be closed for the measurement, then a tape measure is simply pulled through the belt loops and read off the waist. For this purpose the trousers must not be tightened.

For tailor-made knickers can even be decided on the leg lock, because not everyone wants a rubber band. There are also buttons or buckles to shooting the pants below the knee.